Healthcare professionals urge smokers to seek help rather than quit independently


According to new survey almost one in five people who have tried to quit smoking failed within 24 hours and more than half lasted less than a week.

quit smoking

The poll included 6,200 current or former smokers and from the results it could be concluded that the average smoker tries to quit 4 times in his life and 1 in 10 unsuccessfully tries 10 times. However, around 45 %of smokers think about giving up every day in spite of failure.

Another survey conducted by Pfizer under the campaign ‘Don’t Go Cold Turkey’, concluded that 3 in 5 (60%) of smokers plan to stub out their last cigarette in January, 2013 following New Year resolutions. The debate aims to encourage smokers to speak to healthcare workers about how they plan to quit.

A London-based General Practitioner (GP) Sarah Jarvis was of the opinion that as a doctor one of her main aims was to get people to stop smoking and lead healthier lifestyles. She also said that most people who start smoking want to quit desperately and have tried to do so as well, but find it too tough.

Jarvis went on to say that speaking to a health care professional could increase the chances of a smoker quitting successfully, rather than doing it by themselves cold turkey.