Coca Cola and WWF to start brave initiative to protect polar bears


Coca Cola and WWF (World Wildlife Fund) are going green with a collaborative marketing campaign to raise awareness about Arctic Protection programs. Coca Cola has confirmed that they have set aside a hefty sum of 3 million euro for a 3-year-long European-wide green marketing and advertising campaign, which also intends to raise fund by online donations to WWF’s Arctic Home initiative.

coca cola arctic campaign

Coca Cola plans to feature the image of a mother polar bear with her two cubs in 300 million of their product packages. The beverage giant has claimed that polar bears have always been a very important part of their advertising campaigns for the last 90 years. Now the company feels the time has come for them to give back and do their bit to save the animal’s future and their homes in Arctic.

The funds raised through this initiative will not only be confined to the conservation effort of polar bears, but will also raise awareness for broader problems like climate change and the fast decay rate of Arctic snow.

While organizations like Coca Cola are starting initiatives to promote the need to protect Arctic habitats, oil companies like Shell are drawing fierce criticism for their efforts to drill in Arctic waters. If the plans of these oil companies transform into action, the life of polar bears and other wildlife in the north will face considerable threat from oil spills.