Obesity problem in the UK reaching critical levels – Experts


The UK has been facing an obesity problem for some years now. Health professionals across the country are now talking about it being one of the most disturbing problems facing society and have called for urgent action to correct the problem. Most doctors in the UK are represented by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMRC), which says that obesity is the greatest health crisis facing the UK of late.

UK obesity problem

It has been said that various measures could be taken to control obesity, such as limited fast-food outlets, highly taxed fizzy drinks and parental guidance for children. AMRC compared obesity to smoking, saying that the disease is as deeply rooted in culture as smoking once was. The organization has gone on to say that changing how people in the UK eat has now become necessary, as opposed to it being just a matter of concern.

The AMRC report said that generations have been falling victim to obesity-related diseases and that the government (both past and present), not been successful at tackling the disease. The AMRC have put forward 10 recommendations to solve the obesity problem in the country. These recommendations include higher ‘fat food’ taxes, weight management programs, calorie information on food labels and other such information.