North Korea says that the US is a threat to global peace


Just hours before the UN Security Council was supposed to discuss new sanctions to check North Korea’s weapon programs, North Korea, on March 6, 2013, described Washington as a threat to global peace.

North Korea

The North threatened nuclear retaliation against the United States and other alleged aggressors, as it marked a major escalation of rhetoric.

The nation’s state-run news agency made an official statement promising to “Display the might… and put an end to the evil cycle of tension”. The country also said that the sanctions were a disguised effort by larger nations like the US to cause it to collapse and it now plans to build up its army to defend its sovereignty.

Pyongyang routinely vows to demolish the US in a sacred war and the isolated police state often becomes particularly combative in the run up to and after the UN sanctions.

Although the country has considerably enhanced their military prowess by cooperating with Iran and Pakistan, security analysts are quite confident that North still doesn’t have the capability to go for a nuclear war against the United States. Things could get ugly if North Korea continues to threaten the United States, although an all-out war may not be on the cards, there could be further diplomatic pressure applied from both sides.