Wild animals to be banned from performing in circuses


According to the plans announced by the British government, in two years time travelling circuses are banned from using wild animals. The government allegedly thought about taking such a decision after some cases were registered about the harsh treatments that were being meted out to wild animals in circuses.

UK bans circus animals

The RSPCA appreciated and welcomed the move, which would bring about an end to the miseries and sufferings of the wild animals working in circuses. A spokesperson made it clear that it was important for them to know about the deadline date and the proper retirement plans of the wild animals which are going to be implemented.

There are around 35 different varieties of wild animals working in circuses, which include the likes of camels, zebras and snakes. There were huge welfare concerns surrounding animals like lions, snakes and zebras, which were being forced to entertain people.

Regarding this issue, Lord de Mauley, an Environment minister would bring about proposals for drafting a bill. The ban was expected to be implemented last year after news came out, about an owner mistreating his elephant.