Top Gear producer admits show targets viewers with mental age of 9


Andy Wilman, the executive producer of the famous TV series ‘Top Gear’ admitted that the show targets viewers with a mental age of nine. The producer went on to say that the series is aimed to provide escapism from the trials of modern life for middle-aged men.

top gear

Wilman – who has been working on ‘Top Gear’ for the past 21 series – said that the upcoming episodes will feature the three presenters maturing physically, however, he promised that the content of the show would not be ‘grown up’.  He explained that he thought about this issue after being asked if the 21st season would mark a point of maturity.

He went on to say that he had examined the content of the new episodes and found that whatever was filmed was aimed at people with a mental age of nine. Wilman said, “I gave that last point some thought and quickly realized that it was too important to mess around with.”

Wilman also stated that if the viewer’s age is actually nine, then he wants to watch something which is not a computer screen. The upcoming episodes of the new season will see a timed rally in the aisles of a supermarket, while other scenes will depict a pointless – but a very exciting – race on the Italian lakes.

Photo Credits: CDN