Facebook rolls out Im A Voter feature across the globe


Social networking giant Facebook is will be offering versions of its ‘Im a Voter’ features across the globe before numerous high profile elections. The new feature on the social network will allow the users to broadcast that they have voted in an election.


During the November 2012 elections the feature was used by more than nine million Americans. The feaure was also available in India as the country elected its new Prime Minister Narendra Modi. More than 4 million voters used the ‘Im a Voter’ button during the country’s parliamentary elections. On the other hand the new feature is an effort to integrate its services in to the daily life of the people.

It is also a medium to integrate the service across the globe as it is to increase number of users particularly in the emerging markets. The new button will appear for the users in European Parliament and Colombian elections, Indonesia, South Korea, Sweden, Scotland, New Zealand and Brazil later in 2014.

The button will also again appear for the Americans during the mid term congressional elections in November 2014. By clicking on the button, the user broadcasts to his list of friends that he has voted but it will not reveal how the vote was cast.

Photo Credits: Indian Express