Novaratis and Google to develop new smart contact lens


Novaratis and Google to develop smart contact lens that can monitor blood sugar levels.

Search engine giant Google has on July 15, 2014 announced partnership with a Europe based drug maker Novaratis. The two giants will now develop a smart contact lens which will have the potential to monitor blood sugar levels.

Novaratis and Google

 This new development comes after tech giants Apple and Samsung already have wearable gadgets equipped with health based applications.

The drug company said that its eye care unit, Alcon has struck a deal with the smart lens technology from Google’s research division, however, the financial terms have yet not been disclosed.

Alcon as a part of the agreement said that it will look to create the new contact lens from Google’s smart contact lenses prototype. It uses minimum sensors and a radio antenna which is thinner than a human hair to track glucose levels.

However, the companies have not yet clarified how the data will be transmitted. People with diabetes often need to know their blood sugar levels on a real time basis. Google has spoken about the device’s functions in detail when it released a prototype back in January2014.

In 2014, market rival Apple had introduced health tracking tools which monitors the footsteps of its users, sleep activities and heart rates.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends