Jaguar Land Rover works on virtual windscreen technology


Jaguar Land Rover to introduce futuristic technology in cars.

British Multinational automotive company Jaguar Land Rover is developing a Virtual Windscreen concept which is designed to keep the driver’s eyes on the road. This can be done with the help of a few driver assistance technologies including a head-up display which overlays the driving line featured in many of the virtual racers.

jaguar land rover

The technology will also help to project key information on the screen like the speed and navigation. The Jaguar Virtual Windscreen concept will overlay the driving line and a ghost car which acts as a reference point from the earlier lap.

The new concept also extends to replace the rear view and external mirrors with cameras and virtual displays. The system will also have a 3D instrument cluster which is linked to a head tracking technology, not only will this deliver important information without any obstructions, but will also give the driver a clear picture of their surrounding.

The new system will also have gesture based controls for the functions like sunblinds, rear windscreen wipers and maps. Instead of reaching the dashboard for the button the drivers could simply wave their hand at the gesture sensor within a range of 15 cm.

Photo Credits: Toponday