Google maps is tracking you, says report on


Google maps keeps a record of all your movements, without letting you know.

Did you go on a secret trip with you loved one? Well, the trip isn’t a secret anymore with Google Location tracking your entire journey. Millions of unsuspecting people are being tracked through Google maps on their smartphones. An article in the highlighted the issue and stated that the accuracy of this tracking is incredible.


Owners of smartphones or people who have signed up for Google Now have tracked data sent instantly to their Google account where it may be stored for several months.

Most phones are connected to the Internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi and the app uses this connection to establish our position with smartphone owners being tracked within inches of their actual location.

However, the worst part is yet to come as the your journey can be viewed on an interactive location history map.

Although, there is an option to turn off this feature, sometimes it isn’t of much use since most people are unaware that they are being tracked constantly.

To turn this feature off:

Open Google Setting from your device’s apps menu.

For devices running Android 4.3 or lower: Go to Location > Location Reporting.

For devices running Android 4.4: Account History > Google Location History > Location Reporting.

Then slide the switch from ON to OFF.

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