Policies must be ‘family-friendly’: says David Cameron


British Prime Minister David Cameron insists on ‘family-friendly’ policies

Under the plans to be outlined by David Cameron today, the Prime Minister will pledge to implementing ‘family-friendly’ policies, since families are often overlooked by reforms.

According to new government figures, Britain has half a million ‘troubled families’, costing the government more than £30 billion annually.

David Cameron Britain PM on family-friendly policies

Hence, the PM will be announcing certain family-focused reforms, such as:

  • Doubling the budget for relationship counseling to £19.5 million.
  • Renewed focus on troubled families undergoing unemployment, antisocial behavior, debt and truancy.
  • Encouraging speedy adoption through an initiative where councils apply for help from a £19 million fund.

All domestic policies will have to undergo a ‘family test’, to gauge the impact of reforms on families, other than cost-effectiveness, equality and environmental impact, he will say.

The government is preparing to launch an extension of its program to tackle troubled families, which was set up after the riots in London and other cities in August 2011. At present, more and more households are dependent on food banks, while early learning centers are shutting down owing to cuts.


Photo Credits: The Star