Tim Cook is proud to be gay


Apple CEO Tim Cook is proud to be gay, he announces.

The successor of Steve Jobs and current Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken out about his sexuality and said he is proud to be gay. In an essay he wrote for Bussinessweek, Cook has openly stated that he is gay. This is the first time that such a high-profile Chief Executive has come out of the closet and made their sexual preference public.

Tim Cook is gay

Being inspired by the words of Matin Luther King, Cook said that he set aside his wish for privacy to do something “more important.” In his opinion piece, he stated, “So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”

Cook claims that he has been open about his sexuality with those around him, but he felt like he needed to come out publicly to help the others around it. Inevitably, when such a high-profile person comes out, they often become a source of inspiration for others to come out.

Cook believes that if knowing that the CEO of Apple is gay helps someone, he is willing to make the trade-off for his privacy. With this announcement, Cook hopes that people still focus on him being the CEO of Apple and on his work, rather than his sexuality.

In a concluding statement, Cook said, “We pave the sunlit path toward justice together, brick by brick. This is my brick.”

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