Hawaii Tsunami Warning Issued after Chile Earthquake of 8.8 Magnitude – Largest Ever Earthquake Recorded in History


News has come in that a Hawaii tsunami warning has been issued due to the two destructive earthquakes that have hit the South American country of Chile a few hours ago today.

Remembering the massive earthquake that killed thousands of people back in 2004 , this tsunami warning in Hawaii is creating a sense of panic in the state. The citizens of Hawaii have been advised to stay inland or move to higher ground in anticipation of the tsunami.


According to reports, the Hawaiian authorities are currently evacuating all the coastal areas today ever since the Hawaii tsunami warning was issued.

Just a few hours ago, a massive earthquake ever recorded took place in Chile today and was measured at 8.8 on the Richter scale. The Chile earthquake has caused immense damage and is said to be 80 times more devastating than the Haiti earthquake that took place last month.