Doodle celebrates 270th birth anniversary of battery inventor Alessandro Volta


Search engine giant Doodle celebrated the 270th birth anniversary of Alessandro Volta, who invented the battery on February 18, 2015. The Italian physicist invented the electric battery in the year 1799. The homepage of Google has showed a golden battery with a mathematical formula.

doodle google

The battery on the homepage has depicted of the original creation by Volta. It also reminds of the battery reminder on the smartphones, showing how important and dependent humans have become in the modern life. The battery was developed out of good fortune and as a result of a competition with his good friend, an anatomy professor Luigi Galvani.

Both were dissecting a frog when they noticed its legs twitch. Galvani said that this might have happened as the animals generated their own electricity but Volta insisted that this happened when two different metals touched the frog’s body. A few tests were conducted after which it was concluded that Volta’s assumptions were correct.

This theory was used to develop Voltaic Pile. The battery by Volta was easy to construct and in just a few weeks it led to a string of some new inventions and also enlightened the electrical revolution. The physicist was born on Como in 1745 and invented the battery in 1799.

Photo Credits: gmanews