Dangerous smog alerts issued in UK


The Government of UK has issued health warnings as dangerous clouds have continued to drift across the European countries. 90% of the pollution has been blown in from the European cities and has issued warnings for people suffering from Asthma and older people.

british smog

In UK the smog level alert was moderate and just some of the regions had reported dense smog including north east of England. warnings have suggested that older people must avoid strenuous exercise. A spokeswoman from the environment department said, “Winds bringing in pollution from the continent, combined with locally generated pollution and still weather conditions has led to some high pollution measurements across the UK. Levels are expected to go down later today with moderate or low levels predicted for tomorrow.”

Air quality expert at Kings College London Andrew Grieve said, that an analysis of the clouds was conducted which showed that up to 90% of the pollution was sourced from the European countries from stale diesel. The cloud of smog has been seated over the European cities since two days. The affected countries included Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Lithuania.

The smog levels in UK were the highest on March 17, 2015. It has been warned that people with lung and heart problems and asthma sufferers must avoid their activities under moderate alert conditions.

Photo Credits: mirror