UK and Europe witnesses spectacular eclipse


People from Northern Europe and UK witnessed the best solar eclipse in years on March 20, 2015. A major portion of the earth was plunged in to darkness as the eclipse occurred as the moon came in between the sun and the Earth.

Total solar eclipse from Cape Tribulation, Queensland

A camera crew from an aeroplane above the Faroe Islands managed to capture the breathtaking moment that reached it totality on 9:41 GMT. The deep shadow was first formed at the Northern Atlantic and swept in to the Arctic and ended in the North Pole. People who were excited to witness the rare phenomenon were advised not to look at its directly.

It was advised that looking directly towards the eclipse could damage or cause serious harm to the eyes. In various parts of the UK, the eclipse reached up to 83% and the darkness peaked at 9:35 GMT. The exact timing and degree of the eclipse varied according to the location.

The eclipse was at its peak at 9:43 GMT at Shetland Islands and was very near to a total eclipse. Places which were caught with clouds, the internet was a good option to witness the eclipse in a safer way. Many scientific agencies had planes and satellites gathering videos of the eclipse.

Photo Credits: Guardian UK