Mobile usage in UK surpasses PC and desktop usage


A new research in the UK has claimed that the citizens are spending more time on their mobile phones than the computers and desktops. It was estimated that an average person  in the UK spends about 13 minutes more on a mobile phone for the non-voice purpose  compared to the PCs.

UK Mobile users

This year it was found that on an average  the citizens spent 2 hours  and 26 non-voice  minutes  on the mobile devices and 2 hours and 13 minutes on a  computer laptop in 2015. At the same time it was found that the PC Usage has not fallen and that just the mobile device usage has increased by 27 minutes compared to 2014.

Even the PC usage has noticed a small increase of 3 minutes. The new findings have led to  an overall growth  of digital consumption and now stands at 4 hours and 39 minutes combined. An increase in the mobile phone usage has led to  a drop in  usage of TV, radio and print media.

Consumption of traditional media fell slightly by 2 minutes and the overall consumption increased to 9 hours  and 34 minutes. An analyst opines that  the UK adults are not  moving their media  consumption habits but  are adding  to the overall media day.

 Photo Credits: ibtimes