Google files for interactive toy patent


Search engine giant Google is trying its hand in the interactive robotic toys which can be helpful in providing a personal or a good interface to a smart home. A research has revealed that a recently published patent is a handiwork of Richard Wayne DeVaul of Google.

google patent

The new device is likely to be a moving version of the Amazon’s Echo. The new robo friends can have the ability to hear queries and provide appropriate instructions. They will be capable of not just speech but will also be able to perform a few actions and expressions.

The patent has mentioned that the friendly robo might open its eyes, lift its head and focus its view on the user, so as to show interest in what the user is saying. Reports say that the robo might even furrow brows or do an uncomfortable scratching so as to communicate curiosity.

The new gadget might not look like a cute bunny so that it can take the benefit of Google’s research. A portion of the gadget has described the tracking gaze so that it can better recognize the user when instructions are being issued to a specific device. For instance, the TV can know that the user wants it to be turned on just by spotting that the user is looking at it.

Photo Credits: technobuffalo