Wi Fi routers to help charge batteries


Wi Fi users can now have a new way to get energy from the Wi Fi signals and still be able to use Wi Fi. The new technology can help to charge the cameras, rechargeable batteries and temperature sensors. It is called as the Power –over-Wi fi or PoWi-Fi that is a solution that is invented by the PhD student Vamsi Tallaand and his team of researchers.

charging wi fi


The technology has been invented at the Sensor Systems Lab University of Washington that will allow you to continue using Wi Fi signal from the router ad will also allow the users to continue using WiFi sgnal from the router. Talla while talking about the research said, “There is increasing interest in the Internet-of-Things where small computing sensors and mobile devices are embedded in everyday objects and environments.

The researcher said that a key issue is how to power the devices as they become smaller and more numerous. Talla also realized that he WI Fi routers that are located in the homes and businesses were transmitting energy signals that are similar to the operating voltages and are required by many of the users with electronics.

The researchers were able to modify the normal routers to broadcast noise and when the channel not being used to send data.

Photo Credits: forbes