UK roads to see testing of driverless cars


UK roads will soon be having the driverless cars as the UK authorities are looking forward to approve them for the British Streets. The driverless cars are currently being tested in the US and the government backed UK Autodrive Consortium has developed the world’s first driverless car code of practice.

driverless cars testing

This has indicated that the protocols need to be in place for driverless car tests so that the testing can be conducted on the UK roads. As the code of practice has been finalized it is confirmed that the driverless car tests will begin in four of the towns and cities in UK including Coventry, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Greenwich in south east London. The cars will be tested for the first time in 2017.

Project leader Tim Armitage at Autodrive Consortium said, “We’re coordinating the trials technically and working with government to ensure that the legislation keeps pace with what the technologies need to do in order to facilitate this brave new world”. When the tests are being conducted all the vehicles will need to have a manual driver to be present to take control of the machines in case the software fails. Despite all the excitement over the technology, the project authorities have warned that the driverless cars will not be introduced any time soon.

Photo Credits: independent