Google displays Doodle for 100th anniversary of traffic Lights


Search engine giant Google has honoured the humble traffic lights to celebrate its 100th Anniversary on August 5, 2015. The first traffic lights went functional in London in the late 19th century and was placed outside the Houses of Parliament. The police officers had to work the non electric and gas operated lights by hand to control the vehicles that crossed by the Bridge Street, Parliament Street and Great George Street.


However, the project did not proceed for long after an explosion in 1869 due to a leak in the gas lines that passes under the device. The explosion had seriously injured the police officer who operated the lights. About thirty years later, an American touched success with electronic lights which focused on the now recognizable system of red and green lights.
A former detective in the Salt Lake City, Lester Wire came up with a revolutionary idea in 1912 and the traffic lights were installed across the United States shortly. It was only in the 1990s when countdown timers were introduced. This allowed the pedestrians to judge if there was enough time for them to cross the road before the lights turned red.
The Traffic Light Tree was one of the most impressive traffic light specimen ever to be unleashed.

Photo Credits: indianexpress