NASA launches UHD channel in November


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has always had high ambitions. The space agency is all set to introduce 4K content. NASA said that that has joined hands with Harmonic to launch 4K content on NASA TV starting from November 1, 2015.


There are various possibilities from multiple cameras, slow motion footage of shuttle launches or eating lettuce on the International Space Station. So now space exploration is expected to look even better. The channel will also be serving the latest high resolution images and video from the ISS and videos from the ISS and other NASA missions.
4K resolution is also known as 4K is a display device or content that has horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. There are many 4K resolutions in digital TV and digital cinematography. NASA TV will have the ability to deliver linear 2160 p60 video content that allows the viewers to enjoy footage on a wide range of TV and internet connected devices.
The UHD channel by NASA is expected to be launched on November 1, 2015 after a few preliminary tests. Moreover, Harmonic is also in talks with pay TV operators to carry channels on cable, satellite and optical networks.

Photo Credits: vishvatimes