Google to launch Google Play exclusively for China


Search engine giant Google aims to launch the Chinese version of its Google Play apart from its Alphabet Inc. The Chinese Google Play smartphone app is expected to be launched in the app store in 2016. This is expected to be the first foray in the market since ending the localized product support in 2010.


The upcoming Google App Store will be set up specifically for China and will not be connected to the overseas versions of Google Play. Such an arrangement has been made so as to comply with the Chinese laws on filtering content which might be viewed as sensitive by the ruling communist party. The company will also have to comply with the laws required to store the data on the app store within the country.
The search engine had pulled out its services out of the country five years back after it refused to continue self censoring its search results. Since then it has maintained a limited presence in the market but most of the services include Play. Google intends to make use a successful app store as a launch pad to get other products and services in the country.
In terms of the next product, the company has not yet decided on which app it will be launching.

Photo Credits: amazonaws