MBTA board cancels extended hours weekend service


The MBTA control board has cancelled the extended hours weekend service. The Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority has authorized the transit agency to terminate the service by March 19, 2016.


The Assistant General Manager at MBTA, Charles Planck told the T’s Fiscal and Management Control Board that the extended hours that began in March 2014, had led to an added effort to repair tracks over night. Planck added that the the late-night weekend service on major buses and subway lines has a decreasing popularity with just 13,000 rides taken per night.
The assistant general manager added that about 13,000 rides were taken per night and added that removing the late night service from the financial 2017 budget would result in $9 million in savings. Joseph Aiello, the MBTA Control Board Chairman, after Planck’s presentation offered a motion authorizing termination of service which means it was passed without any discussion. The decision was supported saying that it will be beneficial for the restaurants, bars and other services who are also involved in cultivating the extended hours in various businesses.
The governor Charlie Baker said that operating the late night service on Friday night and Saturday night had very low ridership and was also very expensive to operate. Talking about an alternative, the Governor said that they need to have a conversation on this in future.
Photo Credits: o0bg