Top lawyer advises MPs to be free to reject referendum in Brexit


One of the top layers in Great Britain Geoffrey Robertson said that the MPs must vote with their conscience in the parliament in terms of the news laws that are related to Brexit and that it must be irrespective of their constituents. Robertson argued that absence of a clear plan from Theresa May’s government had meant that the debate on Brexit is not over yet.


Geoffrey informed that the UK cannot be allowed to leave the European Union unless the 1972 European Communities Act is revoked and this can happen only through a vote in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Moreover, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson and David Davis, who have been named as ‘the three Brexiteers’, have not spoken out about their intensions.
It is more likely that the three could even turn to be anti-Brexit or call for a second referendum. Robertson said, “The failure of the three Brexiteers to produce anything like a satisfactory solution makes you think that if the [parliamentary] vote were taken now, there would be a decision to remain or a decision to have another plebiscite”.
The lawyer added that even the MPs are expected to follow their conscience and expected to vote for what is good for the public, irrespective of the views of the constituents.

Photo Credits: telegraph