Tamil Actor Goundamani Dead: Is it a Rumor or the Truth?


Tamil comedian Goundamani is rumored to be dead after some news services have some ‘unconfirmed’ reports that he died of a massive heart attack.

It is true that Goundamani was admitted in a private hospital but, it is still not sure whether he is alright or not, since there has not been any official statement regarding his health just about yet.

Some sources allege that doctors tried all they could to save him,but he died. There have been many changes made to Wikipedia stating that the actor was dead but none has been confirmed yet.


However, Kollywood Movie says: “The news turned to be shocking news for all the celebrities and socialites across the state as they rushed to the hospitals. The doctors have now confirmed that the actor has nothing worry as the condition is quite normal now.”

So who is Goundamani ?

Goundamani is a very famous Tamil film actor and comedian in South India and is well known for his roles with Senthil in the Tamil cinema. He will be making a comeback with his new movie Jagghubai which also stars another actor Sarath Kumar.

So is the Goundamani Dead news a rumour or a fact? Check back here for latest updates on his health.