President Barack Obama Signs the Health Care Bill into law


Uk Today news: Today at 11.56 am President Barack Obama signed the health care legislation into law.

Obama said the following in a nationally televised White House ceremony moments before signing the bill.

Obama signs healthcare bill into law‎

This is what Obama actually said.

“The bill I am signing will set in motion the reforms that generations of Americans had fought for and marched for hungered to see. It will take 4 years fully to implement many of these reforms because we need to implement them responsibily and we need to get them right, but a host of desperately needed reforms will take effect right away”.

He also added while signing the bill that “this year we start offering tax credits to about 4 million small business women and men to help them cover the cost of insurance for their employers. That happens this year”.

“This year also 10000 of uninsured Americans with pre existing conditions, the parents of children who have a  pre-existing conditions will finally be able to purchase the insurance coverage they need. That happens this year. This year also insurance companies will no longer be able to drop people coverage when  they get sick or they wont be able to place life time limits or restrictive annual limits on the amount of care they can receive”.

“This year all new insurance plans will be required of a free preventive care and this year young adults will be able to stay on their parents policy untill they are 26 years of age”.

“There are generations who was able to succeed in passing this reforms. The testiments to the persistenance  and  the character of the American people who championed this cause, who mobilized, who organised, who believed that people who love this country can change it. It is also a testiment to the historic leadership and uncommon courage of the men and women of Unitied states congress who have taken part in this diffcult debate.

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