South Korea Won’t Be The Only One to Retaliate for the Sinking of its Naval Ship


As suspected that N.Korea might have its hands red in sinking of S.Korea’s naval ship last months, South Korea has no plans of taking revenge on its neighbor. The President said that he has no plans to attack, but that an investigation will be done on international level and S. Korea ould cooperate totally.


The S.Korean government has always been criticized for being unprepared – especially its military. Relations between the neighbor countries are increasingly turning hostile ever since Lee Myung Bak took office.

Lee has been continuously criticized by the N. Korean media and they have called a traitor, and moving and reacting to only what the US tells him to do. They say that his country is starving with hunger and he should pay more attention in satisfying them rather than wasting money on grand displays. But Lee refuses to listen to this and criticizes their statements.


  1. South Koreans are cowards. A ship destroyed and scores of men killed by an overtly hostile action and they do nothing. LOL. Pathetic.


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