Oil Rig Disaster Is the First Priority To Be Tackled – President Obama


The Oil rig disaster that took place on Tuesday is the first priority to be taken care of at the moment.

US President Obama said all the help and assistance is being provided to the survivors and the search and rescue operations is in full swing. The biggest fear now is that this is probably going to cause a horrible oil spill or environmental hazard that could be devastating.

oil rig-1

As of now, there are about 11 people that are gone missing from the time they jumped off the rig, and there is still no sign of them since Tuesday. Coast guard officials are assuming that with so many days offshore without any assistance, it is possible that they might be dead.

But for the moment, the biggest fear is the oil spill that could easily ooze out 8000 barrels a day. Now what appears to be one mile by five miles wide is suppose to look like oil on the surface of the water. The rig that was built by Hyundai in 2001 sunk after the fire.

The oil rig was carrying out exploratory drilling 84km from the Louisiana port of Venice when the blast occurred.

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