Oil Rig: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is Oozing at 1000 Barrels a Day


UK Today News: Oil Rig: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is Oozing at 1000 Barrels a Day

The US Coast Guard and BP’s official said that the giant rig that sunk last week is spilling oil into the sea at an average of a 1000 barrels a day. Its known by now that Oil is leaking from two places and is oozing fast, officials said, that its now BP’s work to clean up the mess.

Oil rig spills

See Pic above shows oil spill

This Oil spill is very grievous and is leaking very fast, by now the oil has spread out in an are of around 400 sq. miles in the gulf, just 45 kilometers away from the coast. The rig venture was shared by BP and Transocean, so the clean up would be shared by them.

Now for the missing rig workers, the chance of they being alive looks very slim and if they are dead by any chance, this would prove out to be the worst oil rig accident since 1968, where 11 were dead and 20 were injured. The Coast Guard told that, the rig – Deep Water Horizon was found resting at the base of the gulf about 1500 meters below.


  1. well the us coast guard has decided that burning the oil may be the only option left. The plan is to move a 500 sq foot patch of oil to a remote location and conduct a 1 hour burn. Now this I think is not the only option left… There is at least one option that I can think of off the top of my head… Suck it up… This would be long and extensive work… but it will not polute our air, as burning will. The reason they don’t want to clean up the oil this way is quite obvious… $$$cost$$$. This would cost millions if not billions to preform such a clean up job… but it is a win-win situation then… Burning will cause polution (that is more than there already is). Whereas “vacuuming” (in a sence) would only cause the polution from motors running the pumps. But I would rather face the running engines than a 500 sq foot oil patch that will be burning for an hour. Sure, running engines can lead to green house affects, and global warming…. but what will a deadly plume of black, thick smoke do??? Maybe that will be the “straw that broke the camels back”. Now I’m NOT a tree hugger or something like that. I understand thet there are some things we need to do to survive in this world. But I’m also not an IDIOT, I have common sence, And someone at the “top” who gets to make decisions… isn’t using his. Thats all I have to say, and I hope that someone who has some political power gets to read this and make the right decision.
    Thank you for reading
    Darren Hein, writting to you from Canada.

  2. Hi Darren,

    Although I am not an expert on Oil Spills, I agree with you as Sucking Oil out seems a better option. But I am sure the guys must have thought out all scenarios before they have decided to opt for burning.


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