Pakistani Taliban Claims Responsibility For NY Times Square Car Bomb Via Videos

UK Today News: Pakistani Taliban Claims Responsibility For NY Times Square Car Bomb Via Videos

NY Times Square Bomb Scare: A Pakistani Taliban miscreant has reportedly claimed that he was responsible for the car bomb that was placed in Times Square, New York City.


A one minute video was released stating that the attack by the Taliban was a supposed revenge plot for the death of their leader Baitulla Mehsud as well as the recent killings of their top leaders in Iraq. This video was released by a US based Intelligence SITE group whose primary work deals in monitoring militant websites.

However, according to the NY Times, “Hakimullah Mehsud, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban reported killed in an American drone strike four months ago, was shown alive and well in an Internet video posting early Monday, warning of suicide revenge attacks on United States cities.

The Mayor of New York City has said that they have prevented a major attack from taking place in the nick of time and if the car bomb went off, then it would have certainly created a huge explosion besides a lot of damage.

The Homeland security, on the other, hand is treating the incident as a terrorist attack, but the Mayor says “we have no idea why they did it?

Federal Bureau of Investigation’s top officials and the NYPD are investigating the cause of this attack. May Bloomberg said that these are things that are always coming back time and again to New York, and no matter how much we try to avoid it, New York has always been a victim and target of terrorism.

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