Border Security To Be Cut Down By Obama In 2011 Federal Budget


UK Today News: Border Security to be cut down by Obama in IN 2011 Federal Budget

2011 Federal Budget: With new reforms coming up in the states around the United States regarding the immigration laws, Obama is on a new stroll, he was a new way of saving the nations budget by cutting the amount of security in the border.

2011 Federal Budget

His provision include in reducing the number of Border Patrolling agents, and then cutting short the system of the Virtual Fence, which is very advanced form of technological system that is put in action with many devices.

However strong and vigilant the border forces are, illegal border immigration still continues till date, even though the Bush administration had emphasized on strengthening their border.

So what has the Obama administration have to offer?

As for the government, the administration is looking forward in cutting short its border security expenses in the states like Texas and Arizona and would shift their budget expense towards non border cities where there is illegal drugs and crime in action and would focus on them to stop their criminal activity.

But this process shifting of the budget will certainly not help in alleviating the drug lords to bring fresh drugs from across the border from Mexico. This will just make the door wider for drugs and other illegal activities like immigration activities to flow in and make matters worse.