Live Oak High School Students Sent Home For Wearing American Flag Tees on Cinco de Mayo


UK Today News:Live Oak High School Students Sent Home For Wearing American Flag Tees on Cinco de Mayo

In Live Oak High School, California, five high school students were threatened by the vice-principal that they would be suspended for coming to class with the American Flag adorned on their T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

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According to reports, Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California had a strange day yesterday when the principal warned the students to remove their America flag bandannas and to turn the American Flag T-shirts inside out, after receiving complaints that t shirts worn by them were provocative.

The principal allegedly warned them and told them that if they do not obey what he told them to do, and returned to their classes the same way, they would be suspended from the school. However, the students went home and took the day off.

The reactions from the students for this act from the school was mixed although. One of the US students said that a person can express his patriotism for his country any day he wants. But some said that the gestures from the American students was hurting and offended the pride of their Mexican holiday, and they should apologize for this.

One of the students who wore the American flag tee on Cinco de Mayo said: “I’m not going to apologize. I did nothing wrong. I went along with my normal day. I might have worn an American flag, but I’m an American and I’m proud to be an American.”


  1. This school has violated the precedent set by the court case Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School Dist.
    These students are protected in their SYMBOLIC SPEECH. They were simply showing pride in the USA. If the shirts said “Dust Mexico” or “Ban Mexicans” it would be different. The school had no reason to tell them to change their shirts.

  2. I am very upset to hear that this happened. It makes sick to my stomach! I am tired of our country catering to everyone else and not concentrating on what is really going on! Was it really needed to send those students home just because they wore a shirt with an American Flag? I have seen so many students wear the Mexican FLag on their shirts and no one says anything. If you are going to make a big deal out of these t Shirts then go back to your own country. This is America and these students have a right to express themselves in a tasteful manner. They were not downing the mexican flag in any way shape or form!

  3. It upsets me when a I hear that an American’s patriotism is squelched for any reason. I would have sent my son back to school with his shirt on and let the administration suspend him.. reminding this school, that my forefathers fought in the Revolutionary War, my relatives in WWII so that my son has the freedom of speech- guaranteed him by the constitution. NO one especially our youth should have their patriotism challenged or squelched in favor of another country…. if they had burned the Mexican flag or made derogatory remarks or gestures to Latino students, then yes punish…. but wearing a flag shirt… GIVE ME A BREAk

  4. I agree that principal needs to go, How can we are asking our boys to put there lives on the line to fight for our freedom if it is being taken away here in the United States. This in the “United States” and out Flag has Stars and Stripes. If any other country would like to have there flag represented that is fine but the American flag is always first before in other in the united states. If I go to Mexico I don’t see the United States Flag before the MExican Flag as it should be I am a visitor in there country and if I lived there I would have to obey there rules as far as there flag is concerned. So sham on the Principal for not teaching a valuable lesson in patriotism

  5. The Mexican students at the school are the ones who demonstrated hatred of the symbol of the country that allows all ethnic group parades. I have gone to St.Patrick day, Polaski day, Stueben Day, Columbus Day, Puerto Rico Day parades and never a problem marchers cheerfully carried American flags too.

    These students Don’t know that in Mexico Cinco de Mayo doesn’t rate a day off, its not a national holiday. These students compared the holiday to July 4 America’s independence day, Mexican independence day is in September. Cinco De Mayo was made popular by The Corona Beer company commercials. The holiday is a regional Mexican holiday of victory in Pueblo Province of Mexican beating the French. Someone should ask these student why they live in America who pays for their education and hate the flag of their benefactor? The Principle and Asst. Principle punished the wrong children, and should be fired.

  6. Hatred. It’s everywhere. And the haters rarely miss a chance to capitalize on any situation where they might twist, bend, manipulate and/or lie in order to spread their diseased way of viewing any situation as an affront to our American way of life….their way of poking the right buttons that they hope will make you stand on their side of the street to scream, jump up and down and shout with them. HATE! HATE! HATE! Jump on the bandwagon! And what the Haters don’t twist to inflame, the media often will. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Use the brain God gave you. Here are the facts: Southern California High School, Racial Tension, Gangs, Gang colors, school dress codes. Now, let’s work from there logically rather than emotionally. Think. A school full of volatile youth. It’s Cinco de Mayo and the school is celebrating. Four students come in wearing, not American flags, but t-shirts specifically intended to inflame, incite and make a political statement. They could have just as easily worn t-shirts on St. Patrick’s Day that said, “F*** the Irish & the potato boats they floated over on.” Or, on Martin Luther King Day, “He sleeps with the fishes so we celebrate.” The t-shirts were NOT worn as a “symbol of patriotism” or a “symbol of their pride” on that day. Without saying a word, they were screaming anger and hatred which I consider to be a shameful bastardization of what our flag really stands for. I do not see a Principal who is “punishing” the boys for proudly wearing the American flag. I see an authority figure enforcing school dress codes. Dress codes imposed by school boards or others. He didn’t make the rules. “Offensive, inflammatory, vulgar, inappropriate or obviously gang related clothing” is probably prohibited. NO! I am NOT saying the American flag is any of those things. However, the blatant and intentional message conveyed by their choice of clothing on that day was, indeed, offensive, inflammatory, inappropriate and potentially harmful. Had their actions provoked violence, our children could have been hurt. It is the Principal’s job to enforce the rules and to keep our children safe. In my opinion, that is precisely what he/she did here. Without question, the problem of illegal immigration is a legitimate issue and a great number of people are rabidly vocal about it. This is good. This is how America works. But when four high school students intentionally take that issue to school with them on Cinco de Mayo, that is wildly inappropriate and potentially dangerous to other students. There is nothing patriotic in their actions. I’m so sick of haters hiding behind the American flag. I’m so sick of seeing incidents like this intentionally distorted and misrepresented by haters and then used as a tool to spread their bile. The truth doesn’t work for them so they misrepresent to create the fear that they may then use as a tool. Ignorance may well be our greatest enemy. Arm yourselves, people. Learn how to think for yourselves. I hate Haters. And STOP using the American flag to do your dirty work. Signed, A white American citizen, proudly born and raised in the U.S. who is not afraid to deal with problems honestly and head-on instead of using lies, hatred and fear to sway others.

  7. If you call yourself American, it doesn’t matter if you prefix it with Mexican Armenian African or whatever, the American flag should not offend you no matter what day of the year it is. If these kids who label themselves as “Mexican-Americans” had started fighting with the flag wearing students that would have been treading in the lines of treason. I am all for respect and celebration of your heritage, but if the American flag offends you on any day for any reason this isn’t the place for you.

  8. You know what’s really funny is that I work in the middle of legal and illegal Mexican’s here in SoCal. There are major gangs. On Cinco de Mayo there was not one Mexican flag being flown. There were no parades or celebration of any kind for Cinco de Mayo down here in the city I work at.

    When asked why. Do know what they said? They said the only ones who celebrate are the Americans and maybe a few from the town in Mexico where it happened. The news of the brouhaha up in NorCal was met with rolling eyes.

  9. This actually occurred in Northern California, just South of San Jose. Why does the sight of an American flag send someone over the edge at an American public school, paid for by American taxpayers? Did the principal also take down all American flags at the school for the day and cancel the Pledge of Allegiance? It’s time to close down this entire school district; the taxpayers of America should not have to put up with the disrespect of our country by juvenile delinquents and bullies.
    At least one of the flag wearers is MEXICAN AND WHITE.


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