UK Election Results – Parliament Hung For The First Time in Decades


UK Today News: UK Election Results – Parliament Hung For The First time in Decades

British Election Results 2010: In the UK General elections, results show that the Conservatives have won the most MPs but have fallen short to get a majority – which has lead to the first hung parliament since the year 1974.

UK Election Results

The counting still continues and Tories have gained 92 seats, Lib Dems has lost 6 seats and Labour lost 86. This is despite big hopes of some breakthrough for the third party.

Now the battle is to see which leader can form a government.

Nick Clegg leader of Lib Dem stated,

“It is vital that all parties, all political leaders, act in the national interest and not out of narrow party political advantage.”

He further went on to say,

“It seems this morning, that it’s the Conservative Party that has more votes and more seats though not an absolute majority.
“I think it’s now for the Conservative Party to prove that it’s capable of seeking to govern in the national interest.”

Tories have won 290 seats till now and it seems impossible for them to reach 326 seats which is needed to win Overall majority.

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