UK Elections Results 2010 Update – UK Parties In Coalition Talks To Form New Government

UK Today News: UK Elections Results 2010 Update – UK Parties In Coalition Talks To Form New Government

UK’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his Conservative competitor David Cameron have both offered to form an alliance with the Liberal Democrats Friday after the UK election results 2010 did not see any big winner.


The UK elections saw the Conservatives winning more seats than Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labour party in Thursday’s voting, but unfortunately, this was not enough to form an effective government — which lead to the first hung parliament since the year 1974.

According to reports, David Cameron focussed on areas like education reform and scrapping plans for national ID cards, while at the same time emphasizing on drawing the red lines on defense and the economy.

The Liberal Democrats led by Nick Clegg, on the other hand emphasize electoral reform — possibly in hopes of getting some more seats in parliament.

On Friday, Gordon Brown said that he would be willing to negotiate with any party leader to form the UK government.

David Cameron said: “The best thing for Britain now is a new government that works together in that national interest,” adding that the country needed “a strong, stable government that lasts.”

So what is in store for UK now? According to CNN:
“Aware of the uncertainty in the UK financial markets about the outcome of the election and how any future government will tackle the country’s budget deficit, both Brown and Cameron pledged to work in the “national interest.”

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