Morgan Hill Tea Partiers Rally In Support Of Live Oak High School Students


UK Today News: Morgan Hill Tea Partiers Rally In Support Of Live Oak High School Students

The Live Oak High School students who were threatened with suspension for wearing American flag tees on Cinco de Mayo, received a three-hour standing ovation from almost 100 American flag-waving Tea Partiers yesterday on Monterey Road.


According to Morgan Hill Times, “Against the backdrop of Americana hymns and homemade signs were the honking and blaring of car horns largely in support of the display of red, white and blue. A few cars drove past with Mexican flags waving in opposition and met with “Go back to Mexico!” from a few standing alongside the street.”

A local Tea Party organizer told reporters: “We are not ashamed to wear this flag on any day. And people blessed to live in this country should not be ashamed to display the American flag or to see the American flag.”

In Live Oak High School, California, four high school students were threatened by the vice-principal that they would be suspended for coming to class with the American Flag adorned on their T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. This act by the Principal create a controversy across the USA and stirred up a debate if this was indeed the right action to be taken against boys who were allegedly only showing their patriotism towards their country.

Morgan Hill is a city located in the southern part of Santa Clara County, California, United States.

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  2. A year ago there were physical confrontations at the school between Hispanic students who were celebrating the one day a year commemorating their Mexican heritage. At one time, the area now kknown as Morgan Hill was located in Mexico.

    This organized and intimidating act by other students was intended to cause either media frenzy, tea party interference or violence.

    The school was correct in confronting this kind of behavior clearly intended to disrupt education.

    By the way, I am an alumnus of Live Oak High School and during my school years, we coexisted uquite well, Hispanic and non-Hispanic. Why?

    Because our parents, the ones who raised us, were aadults who worked too hard each day to concern themselves with the petty and ficticious divisions fomented by politicians and entertainment media.

  3. News flash, stolen occupied Mexico? Dream on… Countries borders around the world have been redrawn for centuries. So get over it. Not like it would matter anyway. If Mexico still had its “original” territory then it would just be a bigger shit hole than it is right now.

    Their enemy may be capitalism and imperialism, but they sure like free health care, food stamps, and all of the other mooching that can be had.

  4. Whether these boys had intentions of making a negative statement against Mexicans or not, allegations have yet to be made that they were in any way disruptive to the functioning of the school. Not one person has come forward saying that they did anything other than wear clothing with the flag on it. Even if it was a statement of some sort, so what? It was a peaceful protest using non-offensive means.

    If hispanics would like recognition, why not pick a day that is focused on the Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King’s of their culture, people who have improved THIS country instead of a holiday celebrating a military victory that happened outside of it.

  5. First off some of us are Mexican American. I’m sure you all know the definition and we’re entitled to celebrate what we’re proud of even if it did’nt happen in this country. Would it be ok if all Mexican American’s/ Latino’s wore a Mexican flag t-shirt on 4th of July ? Maybe we should try it to see if you’re as understanding. We would only be saying that we’re proud of our Mexican heritage and that we all just “happened” to wear our shirts that day. Its just clothing with the Mexican flag on it, right?
    Let’s be honest, these kids were not being “Patriotic” they had a message and I’m sure everyone heard it loud and clear. Did they wear these tshirts any other day? All of them on the same day? yeah didn’t’ think so. We should be teaching our kids to embrace each other and our culture and to show mutual respect for one another. This is just another form of racism against another race.

  6. Linda-
    If you are here legally, you are an American Citizen, therefore in my eyes you are an American. I don’t care where you came from, be it Mexico, Venezuela, or Honduras.
    People are so quick to play a race card, whenever a white person displays their pride for America. What is sad, is that we (Legal Citizens, regardless of Race, Creed or Color) are all Americans. There are NO Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Russian-Americans, Iraqi-Americans, French-Americans… Did I cover enough races?
    Point is; there are only Americans. The sooner people stop trying to define themselves as something other than American, the better this country will be. Should I go around with the label of German-Danish-English-American?
    If you remember your American History; we came here to pursue a better way of life, we wanted to leave behind our religious persecution, our oppressive government, our lack of basic freedoms.
    Why do we as Americans need to celebrate a holiday of the liberation of another country? Do you think South Africa celebrates the 4th of July? Does Mexico? Do you think the United Kingdom celebrates the 4th of July? As a white male, would I be called a racist if I wanted to celebrate July 20th, 1944? The Commemorative day of the assassination attempt on Hitler in 1944 and the men who died trying to kill Hitler? Would that be wrong if I wore a shirt with the German Flag displayed proudly on my chest? I bet I would.
    To answer your question, yes the students where back in school on Friday, May 7th and they where wearing a t-shirt with the American Flag, last time I checked… that is just a regular day.
    Cinco de Mayo: a holiday celebrated by millions of Mexican nationals in America with notable festivity and drunkenness to commemorate their heritage and pride in the greatness of a country they couldn’t wait to leave.

  7. The issue here is that the students wearing the American flag clothing, had just as much right to make their statement, and were less disruptive than the Latin students who marched out of class. The administrator took a peacfull (though admitedly ill advised) statement these kids were obviosly making about the issue of immigration, and turned it into a issue of free speech. You may not like what the statement they were making, but we live in a country that grants them the right to make that statement. Just like it grants the Latin students the right to make their statement. That’s what makes America so Great.

  8. Shut up, Linda. This happened in AMERICA, not MEXICO. Wearing a Mexican flag on July 4th while IN AMERICA would STILL be okay, because we have a thing called the first amendment.

  9. Whether they are being provocative or not, they are guaranteed protection under the First Amendment, and the Principal was out of line in forcing them to invert their shirts. Unless it was specific to the dress code, as written per district policy, then these kids had every right to wear that shirt, albeit in bad taste. And to Linda….if you chose to wear your Mexican heritage on July 4th, you can surely do so. Imagine the reaction if four Latino students had been sent home for wearing the mexican flag on July 4th, or more apt, June 14 (Flag day)? There would be screams of racism all the way to Good Morning America. This is a huge non-issue, and Latino activists who make too much of this are doing more harm than good…and by the way, Smart Guy needs a new moniker, because smart he ain’t…..

  10. “Would it be ok if all Mexican American’s/ Latino’s wore a Mexican flag t-shirt on 4th of July ?”

    There is no school on the 4th of July. It’s a national holiday! Wait for it….. duh!

  11. Actually Linda, most of us would have absolutely no problem with you wearing a Mexican t-shirt on the 4th of July. It’s called the First Amendment (you might want to look it up). Constitutionally speaking, the principal had every right to ban the US flag that day…provided he did the same to those wearing the Mexican flag. You cannot selectively grant freedom of speech to one group at the detriment of another. And before you resort to ad hominem attacks against me, (a) I am an immigrant and but an American first and (b) my wife who came here illegally from Mexico is also outraged by the behavior of the principal.

  12. I am of Hispanic and White heritage and I’m glad that these kids (two of them were part Hispanic) did this. I think its hypocritical to say that these kids cannot wear patriotic clothes on an overrated Mexican holiday when each of the class rooms at that school has American flags and the California state flags. The school claimed that it did what it did becuase of a safety issue. So what are they implying exactly? Are they saying that the hot tempered Mexican kids will not be able to control their violent tempers. The Mexican kids are unable to have tolerance for others on this sacred day? That idea alone is racist on part of the schools decision. Stupid politically correct idiots.

  13. This is a publicly-funded school. These Latino children are getting a free education just like any other child in America at the expense of every tax-paying member of the USA, since much of the funding for this school is Federal. How dare they spit in the face of the country that provides them with social programs like a free education by walking out of school and claiming that they were disrespected by the sight of the American flag on shirts the day before! At least one of the flag-wearing students is of both white AND Mexican heritage. How did these Latino students manage to get through the Pledge of Allegiance on May 5th? Was the administration ordered to take down all of the American flags and suspend the Pledge to appease these thugs?

    Let’s be honest, these thugs are not proud of the corrupt, violent, third-world nation of their ancestors. If they were, they would be there. But none of these children could get a free education in Mexico; that’s only for the straight-A students. If they can’t keep up, they are expelled.

    As far as Cinco De Mayo is concerned, the country of Mexico does not celebrate it, it is not a holiday other than in passing. It is nothing but an excuse to party in America, much like St. Patrick’s Day. But no Irish person in America would EVER disrespect their host nation by demanding that those with American flags on their shirts turn them inside out. They have too much class…and common sense.

    In fact, I’d like to send all of these protesting Latino students on a one-way ticket to Ireland next May 5th, and see what happens when they insist that they are disrespected by the Irish colors on THEIR day and demand that only the Mexican flag be observed!

    These Latino students are spoiled and arrogant racists and should all be expelled for terrorism. If the administration is so afraid of hurting the feelings of these thugs that they react by insulting the entire USA and make this an internationally-known event, they need to be fired.

  14. Why would anyone in the US be offended by the US flag? If you were in mexico wearing a US flag t-shirt on the 4th of July and you saw a mexican wearing a mexican flag t-shirt ; would that be offensive to you? Would you tell him to take of the shirt of his county because he is offending you on this special american holiday you are celebrating in Mexico. Would he listen to you? Think about it.

  15. if you want to celebrate your heritage then do it . but this i will tell you as a fact , maybe you should stop all the illegal immagrants from coming to the usa and stop your country’s drugs from reaching here also .

    because as a tax payer i don’t like paying for your damned health care or your free food , talk to your own country about supporting your habits and your family while you are here. with my tax monies .

  16. -Linda Actually according to the news report they did wear american flags often. Also The difference between the Forth of July and Cinco De Mayo is the location. In the U.S. it would be disrespectful because you are here in the U.S. because of our independence from Britain. What does Cinco De Mayo have to do with the U.S.? Did their victory over a portion of mexico effect us in anyway? No.

    More over , 4th of July is a federal Holiday in the U.S. while cinco de mayo is an observed holiday. Much like all the other observed holidays you can have your parade or celebration but it does not mean we all stop to celebrate. Some people are no mexican and do not care. If I am not observing a holiday I don’t have to wear the clothing for it.

    That is the difference. Their is no disrespect when it comes to someone wearing american flags on another countries holiday in the U.S. because it is the U.S. If it was not for the american flag you would not be here.

  17. To everyone supporting the Mexican kids,
    I urge you all to start rallies on 4th of July with all the Mexicans all over America. Have everyone wearing/holding Mexican flags. Make sure you get every media you can get to show everyone in America how proud you are of your Mexican heritage. If any one dare pointing out you should not be doing this on 4th of July, point them to this incident and continue on with you rally.
    Please do it, for the love of Mexico.

  18. @19. tigerjuju: “Please do it, for the love of Mexico.”
    Indeed, if you have such a love for Mexico, haul your backside back over the boarder and embrace your beloved Mexico, and celebrate your precious Cinco De Mayo everyday, if you so choose.
    BTW, has anyone read the Mexican constitutional law concerning what happens to illegal alien in that beloved land known as Mexico? Hypocrites!


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