BP Attempts To Pump Oil from Leaking Deepwater Horizon Pipe


UK Today News: BP Attempts To Pump Oil from Leaking Deepwater Horizon Pipe

Deepwater Horizon: With yet another slogging attempt by BP to stop the oil slick that began on the 22nd April, a BP spokesperson said that the British company is continuously working on the pipe of the Deep Water Horizon, which is broken and is gushing oil in to the Gulf of Mexico.


The results of this attempt will be up by Friday. Reports say that BP is working almost a mile below in the sea, and they are trying to fit a 21 inch riser pipe into the 6 inch tube which is present there; but overall it’s a very slow process.

The company is thinking of drawing up the oil to the floating tanker on the surface, by installing a ‘top hat’ device to cap the riser pipe and make the process come alive. The coast guards on the other hand, say that the oil spill impact on the shoreline is relatively low but it has already been much more dispersed into the sea, and still has the capacity to become a catastrophic event.

Meanwhile assessments say that the oil spill is now almost 3650 sq. miles large. Also, BP will be working on the weekend over the siphoning tube and as well as the top hat containment dome, to make another attempt to contain the disaster. Some expert’s state, if the process is a success, it will reduce the flow but not permanently stop it.


  1. Hey guys,
    How’s this for a leak stoppage idea:
    Put a giant bag over the spill area (like a balloon made of rubber or plastic). It doesn’t have to fit the hole, just be bigger than it. Try it with a plastic bag in your sink.

    You suck out the top stuff, and since it’s a bag, the bag slowly collapses as the inside water and oil and sludge is sucked out (at your leisure), until it is a flat surface covering the hole.

    Then you can do whatever you want to the hole by lining the bag around it, or even sucking more out until the bag bends INTO the hole, and using the bag as a new kind of seal over the hole until a proper seal can be put in.

    Need the bag to be stronger? Try aluminum, perhaps. It can still collapse (though it may have leaks if the collapse creates a perforation in the aluminum)

    Also, what are the effects of soap on the oil? Would it be easier to clean up soap and oil/water than just oil? Would the soap and oil/water be safer for the environment? You know, since soap binds to oil and to water?



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