Questions rise on the chemical – Phthalates safety


UK Today News: Questions rise on the chemical – Phthalates safety

Phthalates safety : In today’s world where safety and hygiene have become the first priority for everyone, as for the amount of chemicals that people are exposed everywhere today, there is a certain group of chemicals called Phthalates, found in day-to-day plastics, which is bothering everyone’s minds. They are practically found everywhere, from soda bottles to water bottles and even the shower curtails used in the bathroom.


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in its recent reports has listed the chemicals to be harmful to human health. Some effects even show a slow and a steady process of demasculinization in men. The Congress has taken action against the chemical, as it was in trails, they banned it from certain toys, and the same sort of action was taken in most of the European countries concerning children’s safety.

Previously we were told that chemicals used in plastics would leach out somehow and in fact they did, but in small quantities. But recent studies have showed that even small quantities of these chemicals pose harm to human health. But it is sort of unavoidable, as it is present everywhere, it would be rather upto us how to control the usage of a products that contain these kind of chemicals, they are threatening to everything, environment and humans.