BP Oil Spill Live Feed – Top Kill Procedure To Attempt To Stop Oil Leak


UK Today News: BP Oil Spill Live Feed – Top Kill Procedure To Attempt To Stop Oil Leak

BP Oil Spill Live Feed, Top Kill: In hopes of plugging the leaking oil well that has been gushing out gallons of oil ever since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, BP has begun a new procedure called “Top Kill” that will attempt to drill mud into the well to block the oil flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

BP Oil Spill

According to reports, BP’s “Top Kill” plan involves pumping fluids into the well and then plugging it with cement. Top Kill is likely to take two days to be implemented.

BP Press Officer Robert Wine sent an email to FOX News producer Dan Gallo, he said: “The tests involve pumping drilling fluids into the BOP to measure pressures and flow paths. This work may take up to another day and, when complete, a decision will be made on the execution of the top kill procedure itself.”

Since this procedure has reportedly never before been carried out in 5,000-feet, the engineers are still trying to figure out whether the intense water pressure could hamper this process.

After lots of talks, BP has finally agreed to keep the live video feed functional to the public, so that people can see the place where the well is located on the ocean floor, while the top kill process will take place.

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