Guatamala Sinkhole 2010 – 60-Foot-Wide Sinkhole in Guatemala Photos


UK Today News: Guatamala Sinkhole 2010 – 60-Foot-Wide Sinkhole in Guatemala Photos

Guatamala Sinkhole 2010: Tropical storm Agatha ripped across Central America killing hundreds of people and created a shocking 60-foot-wide sink hole in Guatemala.

Sinkhole in Guatemala

Reports say that the Guatamala sinkhole swallowed up a three-story building, and there is a huge possibility of the sinkhole getting a lot bigger.

According to James Currens, a hydro geologist at the University of Kentucky, the hole is over 300 feet deep. Though other reports say that it is about 100 feet deep only.

What are “Sinkholes” and how are they created? A sinkhole is created when water-soaked soil becomes too heavy, puts a lot of pressure downwards and compresses previously “airy bubbles” with the earth. If there is any sudden heavy flooding, the sinkholes can open up without any prior warning.

Reports state that more than 150 people have died after tropical storm Agatha struck Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador over the weekend.

Here are some Guatamala sinkhole 2010 photos:

Sinkhole 2010