Cop Punches Woman In Seattle Today – Video Creates A Stir Across USA


UK Today News: Cop Punches Woman In Seattle Today – Video Creates A Stir Across USA

Cop Punches Woman In Seattle: In a shocking incident that took place in Seattle today, a cop punched a woman in her face and was caught on video and has created a stir across USA. Reports say that it was a routine jaywalking stop, and during the time of questioning, the cop punched the woman in the face. The video shows that the woman was a teenager and the cop was clearly caught in action doing the shocking act.

cop punches a woman
Police officer Ian P. Walsh punching a woman as caught on video

Rich O’Neil, president of the Seattle Police, spoke in his favor, stating that, whatever the police officer Ian P. Walsh did was fine , as he was just trying to get hold of the situation. After watching the tape, it’s known that the woman was actually arguing with the cop.

According to reports, this incident took place at the Martin Luther King Jr. Way, and on the same walkway a man jaywalked the street, it was closely followed by some other pedestrians breaking the same law. Now the alleged officer called all of the pedestrians near his vehicle, but the woman in the video was a bit harsh in her words. She started yelling and even tried to move away from the police officer when he tried to handcuff her for her harsh tone of talking.

As they were still arguing, their words started to heat up, then she acted as if she had calmed down and was willing to give up. As she was in the process of getting arrested, one of the subjects escaped and she tried to do the same, only to get a punch in her  face.

This incident has led to mixed reactions from people across the USA and the police officer is under review for this act.


  1. METRO UK news on this story is a racist lie!

    She interfered and assaulted an officer in a tense situation.

    Yes, there is sometimes police brutality. Not in this case. Being a girl (of any race, color, religion) is no defense for not obeying an officer of the law. Being stupid enough to interfere with an officer doing his job should / will result in arrest &/or injury. Our police should never have to fail in their duties or risk their safety just because someone thinks they are above obeying an officer. I doubt when he stopped to call them for jaywalking he thought “Wow! This would be a great opportunity to punch a girl.” When the crowd gathered he was probably thinking he could be jumped by others if he didn’t get control of the situation.

    These two beouches are damn lucky they had a run-in with this officer. In that crowd situation I’d have tased both of them for what they did.

  2. Good for the cop. Im sure Sharpten and Jackson will be crying. Who does this woman thinks she is ? Maybe Obamo will invite her to the WH. Another black thug.

  3. It happened on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Kind of ironic that she is acting in the n*gger way.

  4. The girl who got punched physically shoved the cop while he was attempting to arrest her friend, who ignored several repeated requests by the officer NOT to break the law.

    Call me crazy, but if I put my hands on a cop while he’s doing his job, perhaps I don’t deserved to get punched in the face, but I fully expect my actions to result in that law enforcement office using force to subdue me.

    Don’t want to get punched by a cop? Keep your hands off of that cop. Period.

  5. You don’t tag team a police officer and wrestle with him.

    Let’s keep our outrage to actually outrageous situations.
    otherwise when something really messed up occurs it just gets lost in the background rabble.