Edith Shain Dead – Nurse Who Was Kissed In Times Square Photo Dies at 91

UK Today News: Edith Shain Dead – Nurse Who Was Kissed In Times Square Photo Dies at 91

Edith Shain, the main subject in the iconic photo who became famous world wide when she was kissed by a sailor on Times Square while celebrating USA’s victory over Japan in 1945, has passed away today. She was 91.


Her image had become immortal after her famous kiss photograph featured in ‘Life’ magazine – which showed her being kissed by a sailor after he had returned from the war on the 14th of August 1945.

Shain exposed her identity to the photograph as herself in the mid ‘70s, but the identity of the sailor still remains unsolved. As she told the reporters one day about this famous incident, she stated that it was when the war was over and there was a victory parade on the Times Square with their war heroes participating in it. As she was leaving the hospital, this sailor grabbed her and kissed her that very moment, the next second both walk away from each other.

The only difference that made that day remarkable was their kiss was photographed and published in the ‘Life’ magazine, making them almost immortal.

Edith Shain passed away at her home in LA, survived by three sons, six grand children and eight great grand children.

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