BP Crews in the Gulf of Mexico Keep A Doubtful Watch On The Tropical Storm Alex


UK Today News: BP Crews in the Gulf of Mexico Keep A Doubtful Watch On The Tropical Storm Alex

Tropical Storm Alex: According to the CNN, the tropical storm Alex which has come up in the in the south is on the verge of becoming a hurricane, and it will be in full form once it has crossed the warm waters of the Gulf.


According to officials, they have stated that this storm is going to keep its track more south bound which sounds good as it will avoid the oil affected area in the Gulf.

But the forecasters have not completely betted that the storm may remain this way, as we cannot trust natures path, there could be a sudden change in its track right on the last minute. Speaking of the oil affected area; we know that oil stoppage work is in progress and in full swing at the well site.

According to scientists, the oil well is oozing at least 35000 barrels a day in the gulf. Now if the hurricane unexpectedly changes its path and moves east ward, then there would be a 14 day work stoppage in the gulf, which would result in spilling of 2.5 million gallons of oil into the gulf.

BP has plans to place a third rig on the well site, to capture more of the oozing oil from the gulf. The current rate of oil tapping is around 53000 barrels a day. Their plan will go ahead smoothly only if Alex the hurricane doesn’t change its path.

BP stated that as the storm is not having its full energy in the gulf, they wouldn’t go ahead in evacuation of their platforms, but news has come that, platforms in the south belonging to BP and Shell have started to evacuate their personnel as precautionary measure.