Has Microsoft Kin’s Discontinuation Foretold Windows Mobile 7’s future?


UK Today News: Has Microsoft Kin’s Discontinuation Foretold Windows Mobile 7’s future?

As we all know that Microsoft has discontinoued its phone called Kin, in a mere 48 days since its launch. This now shows how much Microsoft might be working behind its latest, Windows Mobile 7 phone. It is just an amazement to the people at Microsoft, that the phone just was a mediocre platform that could be worked on, thats the reason that Microsoft phased it out only in 48 days, thats not even a proper 2 months.


The major drawback for the product was that though it was a social networking device, but rather being a very compatible and a comfortable device, it was very annoying at times to the user. One could visit the social network sites but could not recieve replies or retweets on the device.

A more shocking flaw is that it did not have a calender in it, so the user could not plan any appointments or meetings.

The problem was reported to Microsoft, but it seemed that the issue was fatal and could not be fixed. The only solution that Microsoft had for the phone was that, it had to be phased out completly from the production line up, and that too on the eve of the end of the fiscal year 2009-2010.

This makes a clear point that Microsoft is working really hard behind the Windows Mobile 7 phone, as we can even see in the past that they invested a good amount of money in the phone. This made it the top phone from the 2000 to 2006, even overtaking the Palm OS.


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