Sony Playstation Move To Be Launched In Japan – Upgraded Playstation 3 Features, Price


UK Today News: Sony Playstation Move To Be Launched In Japan – Playstation Features, Price

Sony Playstation Move: Gaming and electronics giant Sony on Tuesday, stated that it would be launching a new and an upgraded version of the Play Station 3 – the Sony Playstation Move – which would have a larger memory capacity. The new Play Station will  have a better look, as it will be launched in a new all white version. The company will be launching the product by the end of July in Japan.


According to reports, the new console that comes with a 160 gigabyte memory slot, will be priced at 29,980 yen -which is $341. It is likely to have the same launch price as the previous 120GB model. Reports state that the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle comes for $99.96 from Amazon.

Further, Sony has also stated that it would be launching a 320GB model with a price tag of 34,980 yen. But on the other hand,  Sony has not yet disclosed any plans of launching these models on a world wide scale. This upgrade move came in because of the top end competition between Sony and Microsoft, two old technological rivals. They both have plans to bring in gaming consoles with motion sensors, as Nintendo has already gained success in launching it motion sensor enable Wii earlier.

Motion sensing equipments from Sony would include: the PlayStation Move, its a gaming wand, which a user can do movements in the air, to kill, to stab or any other moves that are required during the game. Microsoft on the other hand would be coming up with their Kinect technology, which will include a 3-D camera and gesture recognition software, that makes the user feel virtual reality in the game, and would also use natural body movements to play the video-game rather than hand held controllers.

Sony said that the Playstation Move is likely to come to U.S markets in the year-end holiday shopping season.