Russia And U.S.A Likely To Plan Spy Swap To Free Agents


UK Today News: Russia And U.S.A Likely To Plan Spy Swap To Free Agents

Russian and U.S.A are on an ongoing plan to reportedly swap spies which were caught in the US a couple of weeks back. Reports allege that the plan includes swapping US agents held in Russia for passing information to the west, in return of their spies who have been arrested in US.

anna chapman

Anna Chapman – One of the suspected Russian spies

The Russians are offering a nuclear expert named Igor Sutyagin, who had been sentenced to a 15 year jail term, back in 2004, because he was caught sending military information to a British firm, which was known to be a part of the CIA.

According to a lawyer from the Russian officials, they are offering Sutyagin in exchange for one of the spies arrested by US. Last month, U.S.A had arrested 10 suspected spies, under the conviction that they were trying to infiltrate policy making circles in the US. But then as the offer put up by the Russians to take back one of the spies, always indicates incidents from the past which showed that Russia always took back their trusted accomplices at any cost.

But there have been no comments from the Russian Foreign Agency (SVR), about when or how the swap would take place. As per the statements of some diplomats, it can be seen by the whole world that the relations between both the countries are on the move of making a strong improvement.