Explosives Found In Ugandan Nightclub


UK Today News: Explosives Found In Ugandan Nightclub

The Uganda Police in the city of Kampala, have recovered what they have called as explosives tied to a belt or a vest was found in the trash can of a Nightclub in the suburban area of Kampala, on Tuesday.


This incident has occoured only a days after the twin blasts that had taken place in the country.

Chief of Police, Kale Kayihura, stated, that what they have found is certainly an explosive and its has been attached to a vest, and has been impregnated with ball bearing, something which was similar to what they have found in the blasts that had taken place, in the city, which had killed around 74 people. The explosive was found with a detonator attached to it and it looked like a laptop bag.

Journalist questioned him, by asking whether there was a third attack planned, he answered that there was a great possibilty that there was going to a third attack.

The Ugandan Police has been working with different agencies to solve the blast case, and they have also arrested a number of people who have been suspected to be linked to the blasts.