Shares of Apple Inc. Going South – iPhone4 Concerns Worsen


UK Today News: Shares of Apple Inc. Going South – iPhone4 Concerns Worsen

The shares of the technology giant, Apple Inc., slid by 4%, this week, as the problems and issues regarding its latest tech gadget iPhone4 has failed to satisfy the customers.


The company analysts state that a recall for the gadget, which looks unlikely, would be better off for the company to avoid a long term damage to its holdings and investments.

The worlds most reputed technological company, and its top gadget, the iPhone was found to have flaws in its reception, but still the company managed to sell 1.7 million units world wide in the first three days of its launch.

There has been reports about discussions of making a possible recall which looks unlikely from Apple’s side, but a recall would help the company save some savage grace atleast on this gadget and its customers.

On June 4, the company debuted the its most influential product, the IPhone4 and called it the most successfully lauched product in the market. But then the complaints and reception problems have led the company’s shares go southward.

The Apple share price was as much as $256.26 in the market, but recently after the technical issues of the company, the shares slipped by 4.2%, to $246.43.