Repairs Needed On BP’s Relief Well Blow Out Preventers To Stop Gulf Oil Spill

UK Today News: Repairs Needed On BP’s Relief Well Blow Out Preventers To Stop Gulf Oil Spill

The Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has stated that the main problem that has been identified during in the BP oil leak issue is that the blowout preventer valves, which are on the relief wells, are in need of urgent fixture, and this would be the only way to stop the oil leaking in to the Gulf of Mexico.


Reports state that the 29 page memo, which has been made for Michael Bromwich, Director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, stated that the flaws in the blowout preventer valves were found after the testing requirments were imposed after the blow out on the 20th of April.

The Department of Interior has been closely monitoring the drilling of the relief wells to ensure that there is perfect safety. And as per Salzaar, the evidence before the testing was reported to be inadequate. And it was due to a blow out preventer that had exploded in the Deepwater Horizon that has been the whole cause of the catastrophe, which is now under investigation.

Guy Cantwell, spokesperson for the Transocean, has stated that the issues regarding the preventers have been resolved. But then BP being the sole drilling and management company at the Deepwater Horizon, is wholly responsible for the leakage and the clean up.

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