British High Court Says Yorkshire Ripper To Stay In Prison Forever

UK Today News: British High Court Says Yorkshire Ripper To Stay In Prison Forever

The High Court in UK has pronounced that ‘Yorkshire Ripper’, Peter Sutclife’s released from jail is never going to happen and they heard an application by the 64 year old killer for an opportunity to live freely under parole.

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The gruesome murderer was reportedly awarded 20 life sentences, after killing 20 women and attempting to murder seven others.

A person named Richard McCann, whose mother was killed by Sutclife, stated that everyone feared that one day he might be set free again. He added that, keeping the terrorist attackers aside, no one could even imagine that any person could take so many lives of the normal people.

When he had been sentenced by the court, the judge recommended that he should get at least 30 years of imprisonment. Sutclife explained that all the killings were done as per the ‘Work of God’, in which he stated that he had killed prostitutes, but still most of his victims were not sex workers at all.

He was called the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ for he used a hammer, a screwdriver and a knife to destroy his victims.

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